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© 2017-2024 Golden Glass - Koub Glass. All rights reserved.
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© 2017-2024 Golden Glass - Koub Glass. All rights reserved.
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Opening of our latest branch in London, Uk
13 April 2021
It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our latest branch in London UK, Koubaytari Glass Ltd for glass and packaging solution.
Beirut Explosion's Glass Recycling Part 2
9 September 2020
What we are doing with glass coming from Beirut's Explosion? Check the video inside the link for more information about the initiative that we were part of it.
Beirut Explosion's Glass Recycling Part 1
23 August 2020
Because we believe in Lebanon, we will help to move on, after Beirut Explosion. We start receiving glass from Beirut, in order to recycle it. May God protect Lebanon.
The Briq, The Cultural Symbol of Lebanon
13 March 2019
Most of the glass briqs in Lebanon are not made by artisanal glassblowers. In Tripoli, Golden Glass is one of the last companies to mass produce glass briqs. The company has a number of glassblowers who make the briqs on 30-minute rotations.
Des Tonnes de Verre recyclées chaque jour
5 December 2018
L'orient Le Jour, wrote an article about Golden Glass, among the event of "Towards a Green Society in Lebanon", with a title of "tons of glass are recycled everyday". #MaBaddaPlastic
Towards a Green Society in Lebanon?
29 November 2018
The European Union presented a series of inspirational ideas that have been put into practice by Lebanese municipalities, social enterprises, companies, NGOs, young entrepreneurs and academics who are passionate about protecting the environment and coming up with solutions to the challenges of solid waste management.
Beverage Glass Dispensers
13 October 2018
Introducing Beverage Dispensers. Now available in 3 sizes and shapes: 6 Liters Hexagonal, 9 Liters Hexagonal and 10 Liters Beehive.
Glass Industry, Golden Glass
6 September 2018
In Golden Glass, we use 100% RECYCLED GLASS in our production, 15 tons per day. In one way or another, WE HELP SAVE THE NATURE.
Glass Industry, Ana Hon Report
30 January 2018
Glass Industry in Tripoli, Lebanon. We had the pleasure welcoming to our factory the team of Ana Hon page, they had to make a report about our old industry.
Women Sector, Al Azm, visits Golden Glass
6 July 2017
The Women Sector in Al Azm visits our glass factory in Al Baddawi - Tripoli within their field visits to the most important industries in Tripoli.
Assafir Interview with Mr. Abdul Hamid Koubaytari
5 May 2016
Assafir, the Lebanese newsletter, had an interview with the general manager of GG & KG, Mr. Abdul Hamid Koubaytari, to make a report about the traditional and modern glass industry in Lebanon, also to discuss about the problems facing this sector.
Global Security Verification
6 February 2014
GSV - An Audit has been carried out by Intertek at our facility to provide a formal examination process to confirm compliance with all requirements of the Global Security Verification (GSV). We passed the Audit and we had 98 points.
Minister of Industry Visit
11 January 2012
Our factory had a great visit from The Lebanese Minister of Industry Freij Sabounjiane, together with the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tripoli Mr. Toufic Dabboussi, also with beloved business men from all over Lebanon.
Glasses Our range at a Glimpse Glasses Collection
Glasses Our range at a Glimpse Glasses Collection